You Don’t Build Brands
With Lip Service…

Well, I mean… unless you’re a lipstick brand or selling shit to Mick Jagger or something. Then it might work.

Building a brand takes a whole lot of things – and it can seem kinda complex. The beauty of a well-defined and hyper-pointed brand is that it takes that complexity and replaces it with a lot of freedom and… simplicity.

That’s what I teach in my courses, it’s what I preach to my clients and it’s what I DO – that sweet simplicity where folks get to sit back and watch their brand do it’s thing EFFORTLESSLY.

Thing is – you can’t just talk about it. You have to do it. I can help. I’m yer Huckleberry…

A Few of the Brands I’ve Worked With


Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports was looking to solidify and expand their brand.

The problem? They were a mess. I cleaned it up, focused and re-pointed the whole thing.

Results? You bet. Growth and ease of scaling. WICKED!!!

Wicked Reports Case Study
Asheville City Soccer Club Branding

Asheville City Soccer Club

Branding for a rapidly growing professional soccer team.

The result has been carried across many mediums – from beer cans to banners to jerseys and merch.

Go sales! Go marketing! Go Blue!

Pisgah Energy

A solar energy startup needed the works – branding, design, web, you name it.

We delivered a fresh look on the industry, with a retro feel to stand out in a crowded field.

The results? From startup to powerhouse…

Pisgah Energy Branding, Design, Web Design & Print Collateral
Green Man Brewing Weird Can Campaign

Green Man Brewing

A few fun projects for Green Man Brewing in Asheville.

Nothing quite like getting the attention of a large, multi-national brewing concern with a little design tomfoolery.

It didn’t last long – but it was quite a ride.

ULTRA CoffeeBar

Rebranding an Asheville coffee shop in the heart of the River Arts district had a few challenges.

Like a clean slate – but not really. The results? Effective, delicious and served with a side of classic style.

Logo, branding, menus, website, social, reputation – and more…

Ultra Coffeebar Rebranding Galore!
Voodoo Roller Skate Shop, Asheville NC

Voodoo Roller Skate Shop

A fantastic startup in Asheville, Voodoo Roller Skate Shop needed the works…

Brand development and branding design and stickers and merch and all the good things.

Glad she came to us – and skated away with a fabulous new brand!

Goldsmith Drywall

A fun little project. Not the prettiest, but super-effective.

Using judicious and straightforward SEO and marketing, we took a relative unknown and placed them on the first page of Google for a competitive keyword “Asheville drywall.” Not only first page – but first position.

Leads on autopilot. Not too shabby.

Goldsmith Drywall Search Engine Marketing

FiberArt Rebranding


We took a tired, stale brand and breathed new life.

Weaving custom blankets and fabrics for artists should be exciting and sexy – we helped them get there.

The results? An spike in visibility, conversion and sales.

Visuals Are Part of the Package

In my time, I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing folks who have done some amazing things.

Below are just a few of them. There are tons more – but if they’re listed here, we went deep into their brands to build identities that just fucking WORK.

Yeah – I did the logos, but that’s just the beginning. Well, it comes after the beginning of diving into their audience, brand, mythos, ethos and product. That’s the only way we get to the beginning…

Web Design & Development

All web design and development projects are run through my agency of 25+ years, Blue Dozen Design. You can see some of the work there.

I work with some terrific humans!

Here are some nice people saying nice things about me.

“The vast range of James’ skills astound us with every project. He has done everything from simple cartoon illustrations to complex branding & marketing campaigns. He has an open mind and drive to deliver. We will continue to bring projects to James!”

His kind-hearted nature, eye for detail, and keen listening skills makes him the best at what he does and I would recommend working with James without question. Not only for the impeccable work he provides but simply to be around him! He’s got an amazing personality and truly cares for his clients.”

“Legend. That’s exactly what James is. My business was in dire need of re-branding as my old logo did not reflect my services what-so-ever. I only deal with businesses who are professional and operate with absolute integrity. James went above and beyond to deliver what can only be described as a game changer for my business.”

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