Wicked Reports
Brand Development

Wicked Reports is THE advertising attribution king. Without getting into too much detail, advertising attribution is all about trying to figure out what click on the customer journey actually made the sale. Sounds… dry? Maybe. Wicked Reports is good at what they do – but that’s not branding.

That’s where I came in. Their original branding was a mess. Inconsistent. Sloppy and kind of all over the place.

I stepped up and knocked out a massive amount of branded material – everything from logos to trade show materials to Powerpoint presentation templates to coffee mugs to… well… everything!

Mainly – I gave them a consistent look and feel. That makes everything they do wicked easy.

The results speak for themselves – and those results allow Wicked Reports to speak volumes about their product. WICKED!

Wicked Reports - Captain Wicked
Wicked Reports Powerpoint Presentation
The Wicked Dumpster Fire
Wicked Reports Amazon Sales Presentation

Wicked Reports Trade Show Booth
Wicked Reports Sales Sheets
Wicked Reports - Custom Iconography
Wicked Reports - Club Early Bird Cross Promo

What I Did for Wicked Reports…

Brand Development

Solidified Messaging

Copy Direction

Ad Direction

Image & Color Standardization

Creative Direction

Led Design Teams

Trade Show Recommendations & Setup

Print Direction

Presentation Direction

Collateral Design

Logo Design

Custom Iconography

Print Design

Presentation Design

Ad Design

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