Sometimes, things have to blow up.

Getting your brand in order is explosive.

With the direction and a few truth bombs from a 30 year veteran of brand-building, your brand will BLOW UP and come out of the explosion stronger, more agile, more profitable and a LOT easier to keep up with.

We’re talking scorched earth.

And a brand new future.

That’s what BRANDPOCALYPSE does.

The Price? An Explosive


I know you’ll ask, so here’s



    The eyeballs and brain of a 30 year veteran of the branding, design and marketing world will run all over every aspect of your brand. Logos, color, words, websites (even SEO,) social media, content. I’ll check everything you have for consistency, clarity and messaging. I’ll note any “negatives” or confusing things I find and come up with an actionable plan to fix it, bolster it and clarify what you’re trying to do. A $750 value ALL DAY LONG


    We’ll go over my findings on your brand and branding. I’ll provide actionable advice, tips, links and resources to fix what ails your brand. We’ll also discuss anywhere you’re struggling with your brand – from mindset to mechanics. No holds barred – I will tell you what you need to do, even if it hurts your feelings or offends your designer. That’s another $750.



    I’ll take your current logo and clean it up and into the exacting standards of JimboApproved™, vectorize it and give you a package of a variety of formats and colorways. I’ll provide you with a color palette (based on your current branding & my advice) to simplify the process of creating on-brand design collateral. I’ll hand you resources that will make your brand (and branding) easier, faster, better and EXPLOSIVE. BOOM – another $750.


    You’ll have full access to NOTHINGTOBRAND, which will bolster and support everything we talk about and SO much more. Click here to get just SOME of the details. According to every member of NTB, this course alone is worth at least $1000. Some even say $10k – for just the first week.


BANG! Only


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I’m asking you to spend $667.


I’d be happy to sell you over a Zoom call. Get on my calendar – and hurry.

My docket fills up quick. I may yank this offer at any time. I want to devote my attention to the people I work with, and I’m not going to onboard a bunch of folks and get overwhelmed and have my work suffer. Just not doing it.

This is a limited time offer, and it may not come back again.

This carpet-bombing of value may not come again – and if it does, you can bet your sweet ass the warheads will be a lot harder to get your hands on.

Not false scarcity – just the truth, blowing your ass up.

No bullshit. Ask me questions – I’ve got the answers.

Whisk your brand away in fire for just


That’s not quite as large as the button above, but you still wanna click it, don’t you?

I’m good at what I do with good people…

People Talking About Me

I’ve worked with some marvelous people.

“The vast range of James’ skills astound us with every project. He has done everything from simple cartoon illustrations to complex branding & marketing campaigns. He has an open mind and drive to deliver. We will continue to bring projects to James!”

His kind-hearted nature, eye for detail, and keen listening skills makes him the best at what he does and I would recommend working with James without question. Not only for the impeccable work he provides but simply to be around him! He’s got an amazing personality and truly cares for his clients.”

“Legend. That’s exactly what James is. My business was in dire need of re-branding as my old logo did not reflect my services what-so-ever. I only deal with businesses who are professional and operate with absolute integrity. James went above and beyond to deliver what can only be described as a game changer for my business.”

You scrolled this far. You know it sounds like something you need.


Still on the fence? Let’s schedule a call, or I can send you to some people who will tell you to jump on this before it blows up in my face and I regret giving away $4,000+ worth of the good shit for an eighth of the price.

I’ve been doing this for brands, large and small, for longer than some of y’all have been alive.

Now it’s your turn.

Megatons of Brand Lovin’ for


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