Goldsmith Drywall
Web Design & Search Engine Marketing

Goldsmith Drywall is an interesting little demonstration of the power of judicious branding backed up with marketing muscle.

Essentially a one-man operation, Goldsmith Drywall approached needing some branding and design help, but we pretty quickly realized that what they needed was a very simple presence. No need for a slick logo and a bunch of stock photos and a blog and a bunch of crap the guy would have a hard time keeping up with if his presence was successful at what he needed his presence to do – making the phone ring.

And, so – this. Set Mike (the owner) up with a simple, straightforward and absolutely zero fluff presence and combined it with a little SEO mojo and copywriting love and… First page, first position on Google for a very competitive search term. A clear CTA. A clear message.

The result? His phone rings and he doesn’t have to worry one bit about his brand. It does it’s job without Mike having to hold it’s hand. That’s what a successful brand does.

Goldsmith Drywall

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