The nicest guy you’re not sure you’ll like

Uncle Jimbo™

I grew up in ad agencies, did a lot of art and design and guerrilla-type stuff as a kid and teen. Got a scholarship to go to art college.

I graduated SCAD in 1992 with incredibly expensive degrees in graphic design, illustration and art history. I have the diplomas in a box in the basement.

I’ve been in the brand and branding game since 1993, professionally. I bounced around some corporate gigs, started the first of many agencies in 1999 – and the rest is pretty standard history.

Helped hundreds, seen businesses and brands flourish, pissed off a few – and a had a really great time doing ALL of it.

You’ll notice I joke, I curse, I drop back-handed compliments and outright insults. I cut up online – A LOT.

But, I’m very serious about my work. Not so serious that I don’t laugh a lot and babble strange ideas – but if you’re going to work with me, it’s best we get these things out of the way early on.

In my personal life, I have a wife (Beth) that means absolutely everything to me, and we have 5 kids. That’s probably enough, really – but in my (sparing) free time,  I enjoy drawing and participating in artsy/designery things. I’m a guitar player who is not very good.

Above all – and I mean that quite literally – I am a family man. My wife and children have and will always come first. There’s no branding or design emergency great enough that it can trump “Daddy, look at this bug I found!!!”

I love my job. I love design. I love YOU!

I just love my wife and my kids more.

We live in North Carolina. I like burning things and digging holes in my back yard.

Now, aren’t you glad you asked?

A Few of My Current Projects

ARTPROLE is a brand new community with a singular mission – advancing creativity by enabling and supporting people to make money doing the awesome shit that they actually WANT to do. Dig it.

Jimbo's Five & Dime

My latest podcast journey. A rapid-fire 10 question session with brand consultants, marketers, designers, weirdos, copywriters and – well – people. A quick and easy listen.

The web design & development agency arm of Uncle Jimbo™ Enterprises International GmbH. 21 years and kicking. Everything from design to build to launch to market. We do it, and we do it goooood.

Design Hickory

There’s a lot more of my design and branding work over here. Plus – colors! Focused locally, serving the universe.