You Can Always Trust Your Kind Old

Uncle Jimbo™

People trust you when you show your hands in your photos. Right? RIGHT?!?!

So, this is where you’re supposed to write some self-aggrandizing thing where you talk about all the shit you’ve done in your life.

Truth is – I’m not the guy I was 10 seconds ago, let alone who I was 20 years ago.

I’m here, I’m now – and what I am now is a fuck of a lot more relevant to why you would or wouldn’t want to work with me.

So, here goes…

Excruciatingly Current Information Concerning Your Favorite Uncle, K-Pop Superstar, Uncle Jimbo™

Things I Am

I’m a husband to one amazing artist and father to our 5 amazing kids.

They come first. Always.

I’m an art freak.

I have a degree in and passion for art history (to go with a couple others,) and I collect and love low-brow art. My office is overflowing with paintings and prints and weird little things I’ve picked up. It inspires me.

I’m an artist.

I also produce art (click here to dig some of it) and design and branding ideas and weird marketing schemes in my spare time. It’s just what I do. I’d do it (and I DO do it) even if I didn’t get paid to do it. I’m a brand and design and art guy.

Seriously… CLICK HERE to check out my wife’s amazing work.

Things I’m Not

I’m not insane, and I’m not stupid.

Yeah – I do some things that leave others in my field scratching their heads, but I do these things because I know from experience that they work for me – and that they work for the folks I work well with.

I’m not going to sell you shit you don’t need.

If I don’t think we’re a fit or that you won’t benefit from what I have to offer, we’ll part ways as friends (or whatever.) This kind of goes back to the thing above – it’s gotta work for you AND for me. If we don’t work, we don’t work – and no amount of money’s going to fix it.

I’m not getting paid to be nice – I’m getting paid to be effective as fuck.

Once you get beyond my bitter, aging punk shell you’ll find a really nice dude who wants to help other nice people. But at the same time, we all live in the real world where results matter. If stepping on a toe here and there is called for, I owe it to the people I work with to step on those toes. Dig?

A Few of My Current Projects

ARTPROLE is a brand new community with a singular mission – advancing creativity by enabling and supporting people to make money doing the awesome shit that they actually WANT to do. Dig it.

Jimbo's Five & Dime

My latest podcast journey. A rapid-fire 10 question session with brand consultants, marketers, designers, weirdos, copywriters and – well – people. A quick and easy listen.

The web design & development agency arm of Uncle Jimbo™ Enterprises International GmbH. 21 years and kicking. Everything from design to build to launch to market. We do it, and we do it goooood.

Merch and a whole bunch of weird shit that has weird stories and an easy way for you to buy it. Antiques, art, one-of-a-kind crap and tat along with tshirts and JimboCorp™ merch! Get in on it!!!