Conquer the Universe with
Fearless Branding
& Deadly Design!

Venture into the void fearlessly with a courageously defined brand.
Fire white-hot lasers of deadly design into the raving fans that will be descending in waves…

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What Does This Mean
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Gets Your Shit Together

By fearlessly defining the promise that your brand makes, you make your vibe clear and easy to communicate. Venturing into space without a well-defined brand isn’t good enough. If you want to reach the stars and conquer the universe, you can’t do it without a solid launchpad of BRAND.



Makes Your Shit Look Great

When your brand is well-defined, it makes visually representing that brand soooooooo much easier. Staying consistent – and consistently speaking your customer’s message through design makes your brand really POP. Make a killer first impression and keep the people coming back for more!

Are You Ready?




When your brand is well-defined, it makes a heckofalot easier to find and attract customers that are JUST RIGHT for you. Tired of dealing with people who just take up your time? Let’s do away with the bums!


When you attract the right customer or client, you can charge more for your services – because the people that come to you want to work with YOU and nobody else.


With a properly-defined and beautifully presented brand, you have less to worry about. Your brand acts as a handshake, a sales conversation and a filter. It attracts the right folks – and keeps the bad guys at bay. WINNER!

Hello. My Name is James.

Hello. I’m James PM Gaffney, a UFO-flying father of five with 25+ years of experience in all things branding, design, words and marketing.

I cut my teeth in interstellar advertising agencies and corporate America before I took off and started my own march across the galaxy.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses – small and large – dominate the universe by building brands and developing (sometimes alien) strategies to get eyeballs, leads, customers and a whole lot of notice.

I’m a friendly alien, and I’d love to work with you – if you’re driven, involved and ready to hit play.

If you’re not ready, save your tokens and leave the arcade…

Uncle Jimbo

HIT PLAY! Build a brand that’s out of this world!

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