FREE NUDES!!! While y’all didn’t officially make the 57 likes cut, I thought I’d share a nude. Yes – I’m completely naked, playing my parlor guitar. It’s old, it’s beat up, it has a hard time holding a tune.

Just like me.

After the photo was taken, my seat meat stuck to the leather sofa. I did this all for you.

Why? Because I can. I’ve been gifted with a career that allows me to do stupid shit. Blessed with an audience that accepts me for being as weird as I want to be.

Also – why the fuck not? I’m a weird old dude. I play guitar in the nude. I have a weird job. I have weird friends. I don’t do all the things that a “successful entrepreneur” is supposed to do.

We’re supposed to be authentic. That’s what’s supposed to bring the crowds of adoring purchasers, right? Well – what’s more authentic than a naked man playing an E major on a shitty old guitar?

Are you afraid of being nude? Are you worried that people will look at you, warts and all, and decide that you’re not the person they want to do business with?


Fuck them. Fuck your fear. Fuck your worry.

Take off your fancy clothes. Stop pretending. Stop hiding.

Let’s get a good look at you.

Need help letting go? Hit me up. I’d love to talk about the fear you have in letting it all go – letting your brand sing – letting your inner weirdo flow.

Let’s talk about where you want to go – and why all your clothes are holding you back.

I might (won’t) wear pants. Pinky promise.