Your Branding Is An Excuse


If worrying about your branding is holding you back from doing the doing and building your business, you need to stop worrying about your branding and cut it back to the bare necessities.

Make it dead-simple and stop using it as an excuse for not making real steps forward in what you KNOW you need to get done.

Funnel not done because your branding sucks? Launch it in black and white with no branding.

Not running ads because your website is kind of ugly? Simplify it and run the ads.

Not utilizing your email list because you haven’t figured out how to send perfectly branded emails? Send text-only and JUST SEND IT.

I see this with an inordinate number of businesses – especially startups and smaller businesses. They’ll use their branding (or lack thereof) to stop a perfectly good idea dead in it’s tracks.

I sell branding and design. It’s what I do – but I see an awful lot of people get hung up on having the prettiest thing, and it will either stop or greatly delay their time to launch.

Taking action is absolutely paramount to growing your business – and we ALL know that. If your brand or branding is going to cause you to not take action, it’s time to do something…

It’s call doing the doing – and not worrying so much about what amounts to window-dressing. Yes. Branding is crucial – but having nothing to brand isn’t going to get you very far.

So – launch imperfectly. Refine as you adjust (because you will adjust.) Simplify everything. Don’t go for every bell and whistle.


Don’t let your branding be a stumbling block to getting your brand out there and strutting it’s stuff.

Oh, and pay me to do it for you. That works, too.

PS: This is what part of the alphabet would look like if you removed the Q and the R.