Viagra Boys

So, I posted this because it’s funny. But in posting it, I’m guaranteed that I will have people unfriend me, block me or talk shit.

I’ve been hemorrhaging friends lately, and there’s a pretty good reason – but you don’t hear a lot about it.


(Offence for my English friends.)

Now, Beth – my long suffering, beautiful, amazing wife – would not be offended by me calling her “my old lady.” I do it all the time. I mean nothing by it other than that cheeky “you get it, you get me, you know I love you” thing.

BUT – there are people out there who will get upset by me saying something about someone who doesn’t mind me saying that something.

They want to be offended for my wife. For other women. For humanity.

Can we please stop this nonsense? It’s not that I mind losing friends. Hell, I actively encourage people to block me.

It’s that I’m tired of us not being able to say things to people who actually understand what we’re talking about and the spirit behind what you’re doing because of the inevitability that some “hero” has to swoop in and get bent.


I’m not insensitive. I’m not toxic. I’m not a gaslighter (holy fuck what even IS that?) and I’m not out to hurt anyone. Ever.

If, however, you feel that this is harmful or that joking about ANYTHING is in some way offensive, I have a couple of suggestions for you:

  1. Block me. I’m not going to stop, and I’m not “holding space” watering myself down or waiting around for you to understand what I do. That’s not my job, and I flatly refuse to do it.
  2. Grow up. Not everything is about you, your desire to be offended or your need to be a hero.

Now. Go live your life and stop worrying so much about other people’s lives you have no hand in, no bearing on and no business being involved in.
Also, listen to Viagra Boys.