Nitpicking for Fun & Profit


Want me to ramble on about what I‘ve learned while working with big brands like the NFL, Warner Brothers and CTW? Fanaticism – but not the fanaticism you think I’m talking about.

Every one of these (and countless other) business behemoths are absolutely fanatical about controlling the way their brand is presented – down to the smallest detail.
I worked on a product design project where it took us 6 months to get Bugs Bunny’s eyes right. We’re talking about many thousands of dollars in time and agonizing and FedEx bills just to get a production prototype where the eyes weren’t 1/3 of a millimeter too far apart. “That gray has 2% too much black in it. Try again.”
Why do they do this? Because they understand what branding is and does. They know the immense value of consistency in their presentation – and how that consistency is how you control what people believe about a brand.
If you’re all over the place, both visually and in messaging, it’s a helluva lot harder to control. It’s a helluva lot harder to grow – and it’s a TON harder to get people to buy into your brand, product or service.
That’s why these big companies have brand books and guidelines. Some of them are hundreds of pages deep. They have these books because they want to control the perception of their audience through fanatical consistency. Through being on-brand, ALWAYS. Doesn’t matter if it’s a branded toothbrush or a television program – these guys control everything the public sees, and that’s part of the reason they’re as large and as successful as they are.
That’s how you create fanatics – you give them a consistent message and presentation. If your audience sees something of yours and they don’t immediately know if it’s you – without even seeing your face or logo – you’re off-brand. And that’s gonna hurt what you’re trying to do as a business. No ifs, ands or buts.
Now, the sales pitch: I’d love to talk with you about your brand and where it’s going, where it’s been and where we can get fanatical about your presentation.
That’s how you grow a business – and there’s not much I do that brings me as much joy as helping folks grow their brand through dialing in on a consistent, controlled and kick-ass presentation.
CLICK HERE. No pressure, free as fuck. I’d just like to chat about what’s next – and how many millimeters we need to move your eyes to get it juuuuuuuuust right.