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🍟 – WEEK 1: Your brand, your promise, your customer and your offer. NAILED, PERFECT AND PROUD.

👾 – WEEK 2: Your branding, visuals, logo and aaaaaall that stuff. We don’t just talk about it – we BUILD IT.

🤖 – WEEK 3: We build out a kick-ass website and get it out there and making you MONEY.

🤡 – WEEK 4: We get all social and you walk away with more strategies that Dan Henry has bikinis. You want asses in the seats? Yeah, you do.

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You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to a course that is constantly changing, growing and evolving – and a helluva lot more.

BONUSES! Landon Porter, Kevin Polk and some other wonderful aliens have added on some killer bonus materials – and you get all that (plus more guest speakers coming) for a paltry amount!

This is for anyone looking to start, solidify, grow, scale and BLOW UP THEIR BRANDS. I’ve done this shit for 30+ years, and this is my accumulated knowledge of almost every step of brand, branding, web, social and a lot more.