Facts about Charles (Chuck) Joshua Faye Saunders Manson-Brown Ozzy Osborne Gaffney…

  • Rescue of a rescue.
  • American Pit Bull Terrier and Boxer mix (we think.)
  • Unaltered. Normal ears, normal tail. Just as the Good Lord made him.
  • Doesn’t like things in their whole state. To Chuck, everything is divisible and deserves to be.
  • Weighs about 80 pounds, but in his mind – he is light as a feather and small enough to fit in an Altoid tin.
  • Was a year old on December 26, 2022.
  • Has a serious sock fetish.
  • Very, very good boy.
  • Loves looking at things.

Why Chuck Looks?

Why not? It’s compelling content with absolutely no agenda.

It’s Nontent™

Chuck is adorable in his abject commonness.

He’s brown (and kind of orange) and has eyebrows.

Tell me there’s more interesting content on the internet, and I’ll call you a liar.

Where Does Chuck Look?

Mostly in North Carolina.

Right now, almost completely on Facebook. Go and like. I’ll also be posting the occasional video of Chuck looking at stuff on YouTube. Go and sub.

Coming Soon to Chuck Looks…

I’m going to start selling daily sponsorships of Chuck. I’m going to split Chuck’s time into daily segments, and you’ll be able to bid on ownership of Chuck for as many days as you’d like. You will be able to sponsor Chuck indefinitely and you will own any Chuck Looks content, photos or videos produced on those days to use in your own promotional materials!

Imagine being able to tell your audience that you’re a proud sponsor of a mind-numbingly normal dog in Hickory, North Carolina?

All the benefits, none of the poop in the yard!

Chuck will look at you. You will thank Chuck. You will pay the invoice!

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