Branding Leads to
Unsolicited Dick Pix

Leather Daddy Branding

You‘d be shocked at how many men – from around the world – are interested in showing their penises to a business online…

Then again, maybe you wouldn’t.

And they say Facebook pages are dead!

I’ve talked a little bit about the fictitious and somewhat real-adjacent brands I build in my spare time. You know – the whole BizDick thing.

And this post is about dicks. This may be the most dick-heavy content I’ve ever foisted off on you.

To the meat of the meandering and ultimately pointless story:

Leather Daddy Branding was made as a bit of a nipple-twisting towards a certain type (please re-read that last word so that you don’t confuse it with the word “person”) of branding professionals.

The word “professional” can be used very loosely. I digress. Again.

The image-obsessed branding guru. The perfectly curated life. Saying all the right things and not afraid to tell you ALL the answers.

You’ve seen the type.

But that’s not what we’re here to discuss, probably.

NOW we’re actually getting to the meat of the meandering and ultimately pointless story:

Dick pix and what the hell is wrong with people?

I made a Facebook page for Leather Daddy Branding. I wanted to build a page so I could run some ads at some point.

And – pretty quickly – it gained some traction and in came a pretty decent flood of guys looking for me to put cigarettes out on their knobs and/or foreheads. Guys wanting me to use them as furniture. Guys… sending me pix of their noodles in various stages of al dente.

What guy (or gal, I’m inclusive like that) in their right mind (or even out of their mind) thinks it’s a good idea to pop onto a business page and send a photo of their twig and berries?

Is the Leather Daddy Branding branding so good that people actually think I’m some kind of kinky businessman?

Is it so bad that people completely miss the point and think I’m some sort of kinky businessman?

Honestly, I think that it’s that a fair percentage of folks who are out looking don’t really see the forest for the trees. These guys saw a dude in leather smoking a cigar and thought “HEY – IMMA SEND MY DICK” without looking into the messaging or seeing the parody or the pretty obvious humor.

The moral of the story: You don’t have to have a bunch of cute marketing and a lot of great copy or imagery – if you can get your consumer to come to you with an erection.

Actually, that’s not the moral. The moral is that people only pay attention a certain amount. You have a very small window to capture their attention and get them into the detail and nuance of what you’re doing. Make that little bit of attention count. Invest in branding.

In other words… let’s talk.