What‘s Up with the McDonald’s Stuff?

“So, Jimbo™ – what’s up with the McDonald’s stuff?”

Isn’t it stupid to hijack a famous brand?

Yes. It IS stupid. But… it’s also effective.

I’ve been chastised by more than one “copyright attorney,” and I don’t blame them. Branding isn’t what they do.*

Here’s why I do it…

“Hey, James – every time I pass by McDonald’s, I think of you.”

I’ve heard this a LOT more than I’ve heard about why I shouldn’t do it.

It sticks in people’s heads.

Would this be a course of action I’d recommend for a client? Hell no.

But there’s some things in all this McTomfoolery that are ALWAYS recommended to my clients…





The archetype is something that’s already planted in people’s heads. The more of this you put into your brand, the less you have to explain. I could go on about this – but it’s absolutely effective and absolutely true. Woo-woo? Nope. Not one bit.

Memorability – you think anyone’s going to become a brand evangelist if they can’t remember you?

Humor – In a down economy (and an up economy – to a slightly lesser extent,) people want to be entertained. Mix some of that into your brand – it becomes easier to attract and keep the folks you want.

Personality – without this, why do it? Do you want to be tied into something that doesn’t fit you and the way you see the world, your work and your clients? Wouldn’t it be a little bit of a drag if you had to shoehorn yourself into your brand?

Let’s talk and infuse all of the above into your brand. It’s incredibly effective, freeing and will – without question – make everything you do easier and more profitable.

And you won’t even have to worry about a cease and desist.

*It is what I do.