You missed out. This time.

Next time will be harder.

First clue: Eponymous Insta, Sandwich-Headed Dylan.


It’s an image I used for a few years as part of my branding. I still do. The Insta handle is actually my name, thus eponymous.

Second clue: Yellow jumping marital aide on the Tube of You.


Stupid drawing and animation I did to irritate people. You’ll find I do that a lot.

Third clue: Book of faces. Quote from Uncle Bill Burroughs. Pass: Albini, Weston & Trainer’s second slab, last cut, only of metal.


William S. Burroughs. You’ll also find I’m fascinated with Beat writers and all things trippy. It’s from “Words of Advice for Young People.” Here’s a link. It’s pretty funky. The link in that Facebook post leads you to this page – which was password protected. You had to figure out the pass above – which is…

Password: Albini, Weston & Trainer’s second slab, last cut, only of metal.

Shellac of North America – Terraform. The title is apropos of what we’re doing at Black Meta. Last song is “Copper.” That’s your password. Slab is slang for record, cut is a song, it’s the only song on the record that mentions metal. Here’s the song. It’s a banger. Shellac is one of my favorites, and Steve Albini is a big inspiration.

You would have gotten a key. You didn’t. This time. Stay tuned for your next opportunity or an invite from either Pod G or Uncle Jimbo.

Godspeed, refugees. Good luck.