Generate REAL LEADS on Facebook – DAY 6

Prospecting for Business on Facebook? You can do it! I‘ve found that a great number of businesses and people can actively promote themselves and LAND CLIENTS & CUSTOMERS on Facebook. No weird stuff – no being a salesman. It’s all about smoothness… This will be a 6 day series. It’s a lot of stuff – but guarandamnteed to be worth the read if you want to do a little prospecting on Facebook.


You’re in. You’ve contributed. People are starting to recognize you and interact with you.

Now’s the time to drop an H-bomb of sales, right?

No. Actually – there’s never really going to be that time. Sorry to tell you, but you’re not going to be able to throw out one of those “Hey, guys – I’m Jeff and have I got a DEAL for you…” kind of posts.

Unless you want to look like a tool.

You don’t want to look like a tool.

But, the time is now to start sharing big, broad and reasonably long informational posts.

“Hey, guys – here’s something I’ve found that works:” and you offer some value. At the end, you can throw in a little pitch “If you’d like to hear more, please shoot me a PM.”

That way, you’re offering value, positioning yourself as an expert on the topic who – after all these weeks – seems like an alright kinda person. You’re not pushing your sales in their face – you’re leaving them better for having read your stuff, and you’re planting that good vibe and an understanding that you’ve got answers to their problems. When they come looking for what you sell, who are they going to think of?


That’s it. In summation, it’s really just about demonstrating your humanness and your willingness to help out and just BE COOL. People buy lots of stuff from cool people.

This is social media, after all. Be social in a group, be cool, and it can – in the long run – lead to sales. And friends. And notice. And fun.

Now, get off Facebook and do something else for a while. I am.