30 Years in 30 Days


The Brand Brain Dump.

All the secret sauce (and it’s SAUCY) in a 30 day course.

NOTHINGTOBRAND is a guided 30 day course with
72+ modules of brand know-how and do-how.

Define your audience, stake your claim and make your promise.
Get your visual house in order.
Build a killer website.
Get LOUD on social media.

No matter where you are – from startup to established brand – you’ll find more value in NOTHINGTOBRAND than you can shake a hundred US dollars at.

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This is just a little bit of


NOTHINGTOBRAND – Uncle Jimbo’s Ultimate Brain Dump™

So much growth, so many tools, so many videos, so many downloads – you’re gonna think Your Uncle Jimbo™ has shit for brains for offering it at the low, low price of $100.

What do you get?


Week One

Your Audience & Your Brand

We nail your PERFECT audience, your message and your promise. YOUR BRAND. You will have absolute clarity on what you’re saying, and to who – and you’ll have effective tools to communicate in ways your ideal client WON’T ignore.

This week sets you up to call in your perfect client – using their language, communicating your absolute terrificality with ease.

Week Two

Your Branding & Visual Assets

We nail the visual representation of your brand. Colors, logos (you learn to design YOUR logo,) files, social media templates and all that stuff. We build on-branded assets for every platform and use – and we wrap it all up into a brand book that lets you generate branded content like the mother-fudging wind.

It’s like a degree in Graphic Design in a week.

Week Three

Your Website

Go through the strategies and tools I’ve used at my agency to build hundreds of killer websites. We build YOUR WordPress website and show you how to maximize it to build your brand. Powerful. Search engine lovable. And you OWN IT.

You need a site. This will give you a site.

Week Four

Your Social Media

We build out your social media presence and launch (killer, on-brand) content out to be consumed by your adoring fans – and aligned clients. Learn to approach your ideal customers in a non-sleazy way, generate content the Algo loves (and your competitors hate) and have more fun on social media than should be allowed.

It gets crazy – but it’s also crazy effective.

Lifetime Access

New additions, updates and bonuses all the time for a lifetime.

FREE Bonus Speakers

Great add-on and bonus modules from some great folks in the branding, marketing and tech industry.

Downloads, Templates & Freebies

All sorts of downloads, printables, social media templates – you name it. All included, all continuously updated.

Take At Your Own Pace

The course is set up with a 30 day drip feed, and you can take it at your pace. Soak it all in – it’s worth it!

You’d Be Getting Off Easy at
10X the Price of



Google Analytics Without Tears

Get bonus FREE access to Kevin Polk’s fabulous 18 part Analytics course. Learn all about leveraging the power of Analytics in your website and your life. Good, good shit – and a $50 freebie. Because you needed more reason to buy?

Don’t just take my word for it…


I have dozens more. Not just tooting my own horn – this is good shit.

You’d Still Be Guilty of Theft at
100X the Price of


Want to do something about your brand?


It only took me 30 years to make it.

This course is almost everything I do with people.
I just charge them a lot more to do it for them.

NOTHINGTOBRAND a lot of the tools and methodology I’ve used in the past 30 years while working with businesses and brands. Startups, mom n’ pops, corporate megaliths (NFL, Warner Bros, Target, etc.) This is what they use. This is how they grow.

Now – you can have it for the paltry sum of $100

I’m not doing the false scarcity or buy now thing – but at a point in the very near future, the price of NOTHINGTOBRAND will go up exponentially. You don’t want to be caught napping. Just buy it. I’m done talking.

Get Out Your Credit Card, It’s Just