Ever wondered what it would look like when an idiot paints an idiot?

Ever want to display one man’s incredibly specific mania and call it art?

Well, buddy – are you ever in the right place!

Invest in that warm, fuzzy feeling of taking advantage of a tortured artist by gettin’ in while the gettin’ in is cheap!

Get out your credit card and get ready to get some culture!

What, You Get?

You get a lovingly created portrait of Alfred E. Neuman, in a vintage brass frame – sustainably sourced from the finest thrift stores.

Each portrait is made by hand, using artisanal spray paints, marbled and handmade papers, National Geographics from the 50’s, markers, gouache, rubber cement and way more teen angst than anyone is allowed to have without a license.

You get a VERY limited NFT. All yours. Forever.

While this project is sort of a middle finger towards NFTs, I thought it would be cool to include an NFT. At the moment, it’s just a bunch of pixels and worth… a bunch of pixels. But, eventually, holders of this series of NFTs will have access to other stuff. Heck – maybe even money!

CLICK HERE to see the collection on OpenSea.

These are the only 10 that have or will ever be made in this series.

The next series will be more expensive.

This will also increase the value of Series One.

Each piece comes framed, under glass, signed and numbered. Shipping included.

The NFT will be transferred to your wallet upon purchase.

All for one INSANELY low price!



Why, You Want?


NFTs have their place in art and the economy – but nothing replaces a real, touchable, hangable piece of art.

Here, you get both. Which will be worth more? Who knows.

But here’s your opportunity to grab a real piece of work by world renowned arms merchant and cabaret chanteuse, Uncle Jimbo! Plus, you get an NFT copy – meaning that future NFT gains are yours to keep, sell, trade – whatever! But even if (when) the NFT thing goes tits up, you’ve got a lovely piece for your wall to remind you that investing in tangible goods is never a bad idea.

The Concept…

I’m selling Series 1 (The Idiot) for $36.66 each. Series 2 (Daffy Duck) will be $73.32 each. Series 3 (Black Cat Fireworks) will be $146.64 each. Series 4 (Chewbacca) will be $293.28 each.

This means that by the time it’s all said and done, pieces from Series 1 will be the most valuable – but you’ll have paid a lot less than the end value. The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay. Intrinsically, they’re all worth the same. Same materials, same artist – same everything.

But, by the end of the 4th series, the perceived value of the entire line will be lifted up by the price of the final series. Kind of like NFTs – but you get something you can hold in your hot little investing hands (plus you get the NFT.)

Perceived Value…

NFT’s, in a lot of ways, are based entirely on perceived value.

So are trading cards.

So is art…

Here, you have the opportunity to invest in an (absurd) experiment to see if I can get people to buy something for $293 a couple of weeks after they could have bought it for $36 – based solely on the perceived value imposed by my specific mania!

How, You Buy?

Buying is easy. Click the big button below.

You’ll be sent a RANDOM piece of art from Series 1.

Most are 5×7, a couple are 8×10 and one is 6×8 (or thereabouts.)

I’m randomizing the art to more closely mimic the NFT thing.



After you purchase, I will be in touch to get your wallet ID and initiate the NFT transfer.

Your framed art will go out the day that you purchase (except Sunday.) They’re all packaged up and ready to roll.

All purchasers from Series One will be given
first rights to purchase from Series Two.

Who, Me Jimbo?

My name is James PM Gaffney.

I build brands and design things for businesses.

I’m also an artist. This project is a way to get some of my pieces into homes and offices – and a way to get me out of my shell. In the 30 years I’ve spent in “the business,” I go through dips and down times where I’m not producing tangible art.

So – I took out my spray paints, knives, rubber stamps from my grandfather’s truck stop, glue, brushes, pens and markers. I took off my clothes and turned the music up. And I made these.

The subject matter is stuff that made me who I am today.

This project is intended to show the absurdity of the NFT space.

I get it. You can make money from NFTs. I have. No judgment.

But, really – isn’t it more fun to think that you have and HOLD a piece of art from an aging weirdo than it is to think you have a piece of digital art that’s generated from a bunch of random bits and bytes and assigned a numeric rarity and a random value?

I’m assigning value. A human, doing the job of a computer after having done the job of a human.

Cool, right? Yeah – you get it.

Now, scroll back up and buy it.