Nobody’s going to hand it to you, but there are ways to make it a lot easier, more effective and a LOT more interesting.

Start with talking to me. Together, we can get some shit in order and get you pointed in the right direction with your audience, your message, your style and your method.

All for just $250 and a few minutes of your (and my) time.


We’ll Zoom, I’ll give you “The Speech” that will dispel every marketing myth you’ve ever bought into – in 3 minutes or less.

We’ll run over where you’re having blocks in standing out and discuss how to get beyond those into a land where differentiation flows like piss on a dumpster.

I’ll give you PROVEN techniques to make your content loud and more attractive – no matter your niche.

Speaking of niches! I’ll define ways for you to stand out from YOUR crowd. Bespoke and just for your hot little hands. It’s a lot easier than you think – even if you’re not a psychotic, aging weirdo like me.

Want some guerilla tactics and algo boosting tomfoolery? We can get there, too.

It’ll be a jam-packed call, so bring water and adult undergarments.

5 Days

When you sign up, I’ll send you an invite to a way to communicate with me directly for 5 days. This isn’t FB messenger, and it’s not to shoot the shit and complain about the price of decent coffee. No, we’ll fire ideas back and forth. Ask questions – solve problems. Aaaaaaaand probably tell awful (funny) jokes.

Get out your credit card, click the link, do the thing.