What is LIST from Uncle Jimbo?

LIST is an occasional newsletter-style thing sent out by the world-famous K-pop sensation, the one and only, the ruler of the wasteland, the ayatollah of rock and roll-ah, Uncle Jimbo.

It’s mostly harmless – except when it isn’t.

What do You Actually Get?

This is What You Want

All The Good Stuff

Random rants, missives and ramblings (mostly) pertaining to what it is to be a businessman (person) in this day and age. Branding tips, links and all that stuff you’d expect from a reasonably modern email newsletter. Free downloads, first access to new products and ideas… all for the price of your personal contact details!

This is What You Don't Want

None of the Bad*

No hard sell. You get enough of that. If you want me, you know where to find me.

*I will send out the occasional MaRkEtInG aNd/Or SaLeS eMaIl.
I drink expensive coffee and making sales is how I afford such oppulence.