I Just Wanna Watch The World Burn

Hello. My name is (actually*) James PM Gaffney. I have 2 middle names. I’ll leave the guesswork to you.

Growing up, I worked alongside my dad in ad agencies.

Later, I was blessed to attend a remarkably forward-thinking, incredibly rednecky and backwards high school that had robust design and art programs.

Went to college, got degrees in graphic design, illustration and art history.

I’ve been in design and branding, professionally, since I graduated in 1992. Yes – that 1992. Everything from massive corporate megaliths to the mom and pop down the street from your house.

Almost every conceivable business and scheme.

In my time, I’ve seen very little of substance change in the marketing, advertising, branding and design world.

Sure, computers made things easier – but the premises are still the same as they were before my father’s father was old enough to do much besides shit rusks.

And, frankly – it makes me sick.

Isn’t it time we stopped with the bullshit, homogenized message and schemes that so many “BrAnD gUrUs” out there are pushing? I say it is.

People pay a lot of money to be given advice that is dangerous to them, their brand and their business.

And I’m tired of it.

“What are you going to do about it, Uncle Jimbo™?” you’re saying…

Well – I’m letting everything in my brain out – and I’m giving it to you at a price that WILL piss off some folks. There are some of you reading this right now thinking “Fuck. Jimbo’s going to start going after brand and design coaching industry.” You know who you are. And you’re right. I’m coming for you.

The cure to the hubris? NOTHINGTOBRAND

I’m not going to shit you – I’ve seen lesser courses (than just the FIRST week of NOTHINGTOBRAND) offered for 3 grand. I’ve seen people plunk down INSANE amounts of money for someone to give them good feelings, YouTube-level advice and send them off with a smile – only to have them realize 3 months later that they’ve been sold a bill of goods and their brand is now all fucked up and more confusing than it was before they bunged that money down the shitter.

So – to that end, I’m offering NOTHINGTOBRAND for $100 to the first 50 people who are smart enough (and sick enough of the current course landscape) to invest in shit that WORKS.

Want to know more? Go here: https://www.facebook.com/…/a.1230656660…/139797024374032

In that post, there are more details for the individual weeks, along with a good idea of everything (and it’s a LOT) you’re getting for such a small amount.

Heard enough? Visit https://nothingtobrand.com/ and get yours TODAY.

As soon as this round sells out, the price goes up. No joke.

So – take THAT. I’m offering more value, more goodness for $100 than most of the courses out there offer for 10X the price.

And if this pisses you off because it’s undercutting your course – great. Up your game. Do something better than me.

Otherwise, sit in it and burn.
­*This account has been banned and reported so many times that I’ve changed the name. If you search for “James PM Gaffney,” you’ll see the real me. This account is still the real me. Just that it isn’t except when it is. Get it? Got it? Good.