What Does
$100 Get You?

You Tell Me…

You get an hour of my (incredibly valuable) time
(at an insanely discounted rate)
to build your brand and your business.

By any means necessary.

Essentially, you’re buying an hour of the
best in-house creative department
you could never actually afford.

Want to clarify your brand’s vision?

Want to solidify your message?

Want to design something?

Want to talk about business?

Want to prep something to get printed?

Want to work on your website?

Want to talk connections?

Want what my 30+ years of experience
in all things brand, branding, design,
marketing and advertising can bring you?

For an hour?

You’ll get a link to a Zoom call at the selected day and time.

I’ll get in touch for a little pre-gaming to make sure
I’m fully prepared for our hour.

When we’re done, I’ll send a recording of our time,
plus any files we produce during the thing.

If you feel like I don’t give you $100 worth of my heart n’ soul…
I’ll give you a full refund.

Why Am I
Doing This?

Let Me Tell You…

Easy. It’s an audition.

I think you’ll be so happy with your first hour
that you’ll come back for a lot more.

Also – it helps me meet people who need
my services, and I can better vet them in an
hour than any contact form or text string could.

Are we good together? Are there places
where I can really help expand your business?

Probably – but we can make sure in an hour.

Plus, we’ll get something done. Never a bad thing.

Scroll back up. Do the thing.

One Love,
Uncle Jimbo™