My (OLD) Facebook Photos

When I killed my first Facebook account (reasons in an upcoming post,) I decided to download all the photos I had posted. Stuff about Asheville, kids, chickens, fire and mind-numbingly obtuse references to whatever I was feeling, watching or listening to when I posted it.

Gee – after 9 years, you’d think I’d have something of more interest. Nope. It’s pretty dull. But – I hope you enjoy.

To visit my current (and TOTALLY legit) FB account, click here!

THESE PHOTOS ALL BELONG TO ME – James Patrick Michael Gaffney. Suck it, Zuckerberg. Suck it, Facebook. I do not release ANY rights over these photos to anyone – especially Facebook or their minions, assignees, advertisers or any of their third party schmucks. I’m telling you, Facebook, re-use any part of any of these, and I swear to God I WILL SUE.