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If you’re serious about taking your brand to the Boss Level, we need to talk.

Watch the video. I’m offering an in-depth branding audit and a bunch of other interesting nuggets. I’m not going to hit you with artificial scarcity or mind games – but I do want to offer a very fine (and finite) something…

If you’re serious about understanding your brand and finding out how to present it in such a way that attracts the PERFECT customer or client, check out the video – and then PRESS PLAY!

Ready to Dominate the Game?

Full-Spectrum Brand Audit

I’ll examine all your brand assets – from logo to Facebook profile/page to website to your printed stuff – and give you a no nonsense review and critique. No punches pulled, no holds barred. We’ll go over your message, your approach and aaaallll your visuals. You’ll come away with a new perspective – and a list of actionable steps to build and scale your brand the right way!
A $500 value all on it’s own.

1-Hour Brand Consult & Coaching Call

Once I have your audit in place and delivered, we’ll set up a Zoom meeting so we can chat face-to-face and answer all your burning brand questions. We’ll spitball ideas on how to better attract YOUR PERFECT CLIENT – and how to convert them into raving fans who will LOVE you and will help build your business!
That’s Another $500!

On-Site SEO Audit

If you’ve got a website, you need traffic so they can see your amazing self, right? With this SEO audit, we’ll discover where you might have bottlenecks that are keeping your clients from finding you on Google, Bing and Yahoo! Does anyone use Yahoo? Anyway – when implemented, this audit will help with your ranks.
Worth $200!

Logo Clean-Up & Vectorizing

I’ll take your existing logo and clean it up. I’ll make sure that you have all the formats you need – including a sweet-ass vectorized version. This will allow you to use your logo for ANY purpose – from screen printing to vehicle wraps to Facebook covers. NOICE!
That’s Another $400 Value!.

That’s a $1600 Value!

Get it ALL for $497!

Wanna See What People Say?

More Kind Words from The Players…

“The vast range of James’ skills astound us with every project. He has done everything from simple cartoon illustrations to complex branding & marketing campaigns. He has an open mind and drive to deliver. We will continue to bring projects to James!”

His kind-hearted nature, eye for detail, and keen listening skills makes him the best at what he does and I would recommend working with James without question. Not only for the impeccable work he provides but simply to be around him! He’s got an amazing personality and truly cares for his clients.”

“Legend. That’s exactly what James is. My business was in dire need of re-branding as my old logo did not reflect my services what-so-ever. I only deal with businesses who are professional and operate with absolute integrity. James went above and beyond to deliver what can only be described as a game changer for my business.”

No More Games. Let’s Get Serious About
Your Brand

A $1600 Value for
Just $497!

  • The Brand Audit

    $500 Value

  • The 60-Minute Consult

    $500 Value

  • The Logo Noodling

    $400 Value

  • The SEO Audit

    $200 Value

  • The Videoze

    $79 Value


Hello. I’m James PM Gaffney, a UFO-flying father of five with 25+ years of experience in all things branding, design, words and marketing.

I cut my teeth in interstellar advertising agencies and corporate America before I took off and started my own march across the galaxy.

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses – small and large – dominate the universe by building brands and developing (sometimes alien) strategies to get eyeballs, leads, customers and a whole lot of notice.

I’m a friendly alien, and I’d love to work with you – if you’re driven, involved and ready to hit play.

If you’re not ready, save your tokens and leave the arcade…

Ready to Go?
Me Too!

A $1600 Value for
Just $497!

Uncle Jimbo

James PM Gaffney
Hickory, NC USA